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The key to wearing fashionable jewelry this fall is to mix and match styles, textures, and metals. This autumn, jewelry styles range from bold and vibrant to striking and modern. You can make a fashion statement and vary your look by combining pieces that traditionally clash. The right jewelry accessories may take your jeans-and-t-shirt look from frazzles to fashionable.

Black is always a classic shade, whether it used in jewelry or clothing. After all, we all have that little black dress, am I right?

This fall, look for black jewelry with silver accents to be a particularly popular option… and vice versa. Black and silver tones complement each other when used in the same piece of jewelry. And silver jewelry highlights a predominantly black outfit by making it less flat and giving it more texture.

Yellow gold chain necklaces and white gold bracelets pop with the warm, earthy tones of fall. They delicately draw attention to your neck or wrist and give your outfit a multi-dimensional feel. If you are not in the mood for many accessories, put the emphasis on gold hoop earrings; they may become a focal point of an outfit when they are the featured accessory.

And, remember that the "rules" of fashion have changed. There is no longer a stigma associated with mixing up your style and wearing gold and silver jewelry together. If you are unsure of how to successfully wear these two metals, there are some guidelines you may follow; when done well, simultaneously wearing gold and silver jewelry creates a sleek yet funky look.

Certain watches also effortlessly combine gold and silver, and may act as a style training ground before you graduate to mixing gold and silver separates. Additionally, two toned jewelry subtly and effectively blends together gold and silver to make intricate designs. For a seamless combination of the two metals, pair a silver link bracelet with a gold charm.

A silver ring with gold accessories is another understated item that enables you to experiment with combining silver and gold. Pair a gold chain necklace with silver earrings or a silver necklace with small gold hoops earrings or studs. Mix gold chain and silver bangles to create a more alluring, exotic look. Or, create just a hint of flair by wearing a single gold bracelet with silver bangles.

Following these criteria will add pizazz to any ensemble. The real secret to successfully wearing unconventional combinations of jewelry is to wear it with confidence. Make sure that the jewelry, not you, are the accessory.

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