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My Epson printer offline? [How to Get it online]

Posted: 10 May 2022, 10:34
by alinaparker186
The situation is very frustrating when you face a problem with an epson printer offline. This can be caused by connectivity, outdated printer drivers, wrong printer configuration in windows, bugs bundled in the Epson printer, loose USB cable, etc.
The printer won’t print unless it is back online. In order to get the Epson printer online efficiently, you are required to go through the following steps/instructions noted down.

1. Uncheck “ Use printer offline” in windows.
2. Reinstall Epson printer in windows.
3. Download the updated Epson printer driver
4. Clear all print jobs stuck in the print queue

I hope now your Epson printer is online. If still, your Epson printer is showing offline then you can easily connect with Us.